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Anonymous: Hello! i am currently using the same theme you have right now (its been 2 months) and i am soo inlove with it. but i just wanted to ask why did the font for my title and number suddenly changed? i think the font was called athletic? and will i be able to change it back to normal again? because i really liked how that looked. Sorry for bothering you and for asking too many questions thanks again and have a great day! or night! lol


hmm… try to copy and paste the codes again. if it doesn’t work contact me again, sorry for the ploblem :3

Anonymous: your theme page doesnt work :( no scrolling

There has just three themes :)


white platform, via. tarte

WHY  ♬
Anonymous: it is a great a idea to make this network, i'll totally support u

thank you, i’m very excited about this! i’m gonna start making the network’s page now and then i’ll make the rules and banner stuff. i hope people join and like it ^~^



w_bb.o2  (by makoto shukawa)

tao + pastel ➝ for lukaiwaiian